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Casio / Casio G-Shock Premium / CASIO G-Shock Mudmaster

Dam / Herr Herrklocka
Urtavla Svart
Glas Mineralglas
Diameter 53 mm
Höjd 54 mm
Tjocklek 19 mm
Boett Karbon
Boett färg Svart
Armband Harts
Armband färg Svart
Vattentät Ja
Klassifikation 20 Bar - 200m (dykning)
Urverk Analog & Digital Quartzverk
Datum Ja
Dag Ja
Tidtagning Ja
Larm Ja
Belysning Ja
Andra tidszon Ja

Carbon Core Guard structure and shock-resistant buttons
Casio has developed a new shock-resistant structure featuring a carbon composite case to protect the module. The new case also facilitated the development of a new button structure, which no longer requires exterior button guards.

Mud-resistant structure
A filter is inserted between the case and buttons to keep dirt out, ensuring a good seal without using conventional metal button pipes.

Dual-layer case back
The case back features a dual-layer construction employing stainless steel for a tight seal and glass fiber-reinforced resin for superior impact resistance. The design is inspired by the portable tanks carried by off-road vehicles that travel over rough roads.

Bezel with inserted carbon sheet
The bezel has been strengthened with a three-layer construction featuring a carbon fiber sheet inserted in the fine resin. The uppermost fine resin layer is transparent to show the carbon composite material below.

Quad sensor to easily track changes in the natural environment and grasp the activity history
The watch is equipped with quad sensor for compass bearing, barometric pressure/altitude, temperature, and an accelerometer for counting steps. The calories burned are calculated from the ascent/descent based on the altitude and step count data, and the activity history can be recorded to the dedicated app.

Mission log function
Automatically records a track to the dedicated app based on altitude data from the watch and GPS data from the smartphone. Manual operation also enables the user to acquire an altitude point and plot it on a map.

Location indicator function
Displays the compass bearing direction and distance to a user-designated destination. The compass bearing is indicated by the seconds hand and the distance indicated on the LCD display.

Customizable Mode button
The user can customize the functions to display when the Mode button is pressed, so that only essential functions are displayed or to change the order in which the functions are displayed.

Other Functions
Smartphone Link functions (link with compatible smartphone through Bluetooth®); digital compass; barometer; altimeter (relative altitude readings); thermometer; step counter; sunrise/sunset time display; auto double LED backlight with afterglow:1.5/3.0 seconds

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