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Tillverkare Seiko
Dam / Herr Damklocka, Herrklocka
Urtavla Svart
Glas Antireflexbehandlat Safirglas
Diameter 48 mm
Tjocklek 14 mm
Boett Rostfritt stål
Boett färg Silver
Armband Silikon
Armband färg Svart
Vattentät Ja
Klassifikation 20 Bar - 200m (dykning)
Urverk Kinetic Quartzverk
Datum Ja

The dial design has just one objective; maximum legibility, even deep in the ocean where sunlight does not penetrate. The hour markers are large, so as to allow the maximum surface area and depth for Seiko's Lumibrite coating. The hands, too, are wide and easy to read, and the crystal is made from sapphire, with an anti-reflective coating, for maximum strength and minimum glare.

The deep grooves in the bezel are designed for easy operation, even when diving gloves are worn.

Water resistance : 200m Diver
The watch is designed and manufactured to withstand up to 200m going under the water, and is suitable for wearing while scuba diving.

Screw-down crown and buttons
The crown and power reserve buttons have screw-down protection to prevent any accidental operation.

Accordion strap
The accordion-style strap is a Seiko invention that combines strength and flexibility. Today, the utility of this design further enhanced as the Prospex strap is made of a new type of silicone that is stronger and more durable than conventional strap materials.

Seiko Kinetic
The movement is Seiko's unique Kinetic technology. Ever since 1992 when Seiko made its first Kinetic diver's watch, this high-precision technology has delivered to divers a combination of timing accuracy and security that no other watch can offer.

The unidirectional rotating bezel
The precise and secure operation of the uni-directional bezel prevent accidental rotation, so that the time measured is never shorter than the actual elapsed time.

Two piece case construction for added security
The case has a two piece construction that delivers maximum security safeguard against shock. The main case is protected by an outer shell.

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